Is it plausible that reality, as individual human beings perceive it, is wholly perceived as an arrow of time that's parsed then related as experience by the brain? This is most seamlessly done by waking senses but can be done by memory and IS done convincingly by dreams.

What we think of as everyday and natural is defined by simple logic of probability, a definition that hardens as time goes by and material reality continues to exist, to follow its laws, to become better and more accurately predicted. This is agnostic to the details. An illiterate caveman and a complex 21st century metropolitan follow the same logic and process.

Supernatural - transcendent - religious - magical - spiritual experiences are also defined by the same logic and process; except these are the experiences that DO NOT follow prediction, can't be fit into laws of the natural world as reality has asserted.

Caveman reality is different to modern human reality by dint of the experiences. What's transcendent and supernatural is therefore also very different though equally convincing and authentic to both.**

"Reality is an objective aspiration: to see the world as it is. It's subjectivity held to account by the scientific method. It's the distillation of the observed, experienced environment - from the proximately tangible through associations in memory to universal conditions and predispositions - separating the erroneous white noise of bias, habit, ephemera and error from those persistent peer-reviewed conclusions that most accurately codify the diverse crucible of existence."