​Faith may fill the wide tracts of ignorance space with captivating nebula of answers but the dogma of today is doomed to be the fairytale of tomorrow. The Gods of Olympus, the deities of Egypt, the divine Ahura Mazda of Zoroastria: wonderful religious stories but superseded, retired as myths though once their dogma held sway over millions.

Humans live out a complex mandala of narratives but faith in anything that hasn't an objectively persistent basis in reality is gambling on a widening odds. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful carapace but it's a seal that eventually suffocates its host.

“The Christians who engaged in infamous persecutions and shameful inquisitions were not evil men but misguided men. The churchmen who felt they had an edict from God to withstand the progress of science, whether in the form of a Copernican revolution or a Darwinian theory of natural selection, were not mischievous men but misinformed men.” – Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)


Let's not conflate the regulation of immortal corporations with individuals. Free speech absolutism can apply to individuals (as it should) but a megacorp like Facebook has the potential to be a 'holocaust' against libertarian (or any dissenting) content.


If anything these corporations should be regulated AGAINST imposing censorship on individuals (or groups of individuals) e.g. silencing or excluding anyone they've judged (privately) alt-right or counter cultural actors. Regulating the corporation looks set to become a necessary safeguard, to protect the individual free speech and freedom to choose who's speech they encounter.