The "spectrum" is an idea worth taking seriously. It may apply to more of us than just those diagnosed with disorders of the brain.

The best of what's human is encompassed by creativity, invention, and intuition but these aren't the norm. They're precious in part because the majority of the time we're not demonstrably creative, inventive or particularly intuitive. Wouldn't it be ironic if most people with normal function were closed systems, moving seamlessly through life reaction to reaction, and all we know as creativity, from Shakespeare to Einstein, is the brain reaching for normality, trying to parse moment to moment life compensating introspectively for the symptoms of mental disorder.

A weird analogy comes to mind: electric flashes look like an expression of creativity. Consider amps, ohms, volts correspond to creativity, imagination, inspiration. Not because it's true but as a useful shortcut to an impression of how the mind processes life at the substrate level.

Like electricity passing down a wire, if there's a gap in the line the current will try to leap the air in between in a flash of bright inspiration. That's Creativity. That's what Michelangelo inuits in the Sistine Chapel. God reaching out to Adam is the brain's creative power flashing inspiration to the conscious mind.

If the gap is small, as is often the case, it can make the connections so fast and so seamless it gets parsed unconsciously and the result looks like intuition or if interrogated like impressionism, a creative process, fuelling art, music, literature, etc.

If the gap is a bit more than small, the brain needs to use more resources on parsing reality (which is felt consciously) and this needs reality deconstructed to be manipulated to make all the expected connections. This is heard by the inner voice but also plays out in impressions like the Camusian Stranger.

If the gaps are only in certain areas, these areas get more current, to leap the gaps and make the connections. This can inspire what creates art, the intensified or distilled focused representation.

If the gap is too wide so the brain has to narrow the focus to charge enough current to leap it - at the cost of less resources to process anything outside the focus - maybe that looks like Aspergers.

If the gap is even wider so the brain has to not only narrow the focus but also kill a lot of standard processes (like social parsing, emotion handling, empathy for others - there being only enough for oneself) maybe that looks like Autism.